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Venture Capital

Venture capital firms provide capital to unproven young businesses in exchange for equity or partial ownership of the firm. Generally, they are looking for high-growth businesses. With loan repayments and interest charges, they do reduce the primary owner’s share of the profits.

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Angel Investors

  • How To Be an Angel Investor – HBS Working Knowledge -- Tools and advice to potential angels, and resource manual for early state investors.
  • Angel Investors – Small Business Notes -- Angel investors are individuals who invest in businesses looking for a higher return than they would see from more traditional investments.
  • Finding an Angel – Small Business Notes -- Angel investors can be very difficult to identify and contact. They do not want to be deluged with business plans.
  • Angel Investing - HBS Working Knowledge -- Business angels are among the most important, and least understood, players of entrepreneurship today.
  • Angel Investors – Entrepreneur.com -- A series of articles on angel investors.
  • Angel Investors – Entrepreneur.com -- These individual VC investors seem like they're from heaven, but be prepared to give up a chunk of your company for funding.
  • Angel Search – VFinance, Inc. -- Over 23,000 potential angels.
  • Guardian Angels - Electronic Matching Services – Entrepreneur.com -- Find the angel investor of your dreams through online matching services.

Venture Capital

  • How to Attract Venture Capital – Small Business Notes -- A firm may look at anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 business plans per year. Out of that, approximately 2 percent will even get an interview.
  • Marking the Perfect Pitch to VCs – HBS Working Knowledge -- When you are pitching your proposal to venture capitalists, tell them an emotional story.
  • The Right Connections – HBS Working Knowledge -- In attracting funding for a new venture, professional ties and company connections are even more important than a good product in inspiring the trust and loosening the wallets of potential investors.
  • The Power of Partnership – HBS Working Knowledge -- What does it take to make things work between an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist?
  • Obtaining Venture Capital – Small Business Notes -- Venture capital firms will judge you by how prepared you are.
  • Venture Capital – Small Business Notes -- Venture capital is a form of financing for a company in which you give up some level of ownership and control of the business in exchange for capital for a limited timeframe, usually 3 to 5 years.
  • Done Deals - HBS Working Knowledge -- What is it really like inside the turbulent world of venture capital?
  • Locating Venture Returns - HBS Working Knowledge -- Syndications, pressure from limited partners and due diligence to the extreme all point to new times for the venture capital industry. What's next?
  • The VC Quandry: Too Much Money - HBS Working Knowledge -- Venture capital money "overhang" continues as investors compete to get into a small number of deals each year.
  • Why Baseball's Billy Beane is a Model VC - HBS Working Knowledge -- The general manager of baseball's Oakland A's is a master at achieving the most with limited resources.
  • Venture Capital – Lawyers.com -- The term venture capital usually refers to funds that are raised and pooled together for the specific purpose of investing in start-up or early-stage business enterprises.
  • What do Venture Capitals Look For? – AllBusiness.com -- How do I get venture capitalists to look at my business?
  • VC Secrets: Stages of Venture Capital - VentureXpert Web (membership required).
  • Venture Economics - Thomson -- A source for global private equity intelligence.
  • Institutional Venture Capital - Entrepreneur.com -- Venture capital funding isn't always easy to obtain, and you'll have to give up equity, but when you're a high-growth company with high-financing needs, it can be your best bet.

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