canola plant
   Photo courtesy of USDA NRCS.


Most canola production in the United States takes place in the northern tier of states adjacent to Canada: North Dakota, Idaho and Montana. North Dakota alone produces over 80 percent of the nation's canola crop. In 2012, the state produced more than 2.0 billion pounds, with a total value over $539.8 million. However, Oklahoma has become the second largest producer of canola, with the 2012 harvest totaling 161 million pounds and valued at more than $40.7 million. (NASS 2013)

The 2012 U.S. canola crop was more than 2.4 billion pounds, nearly identical to 2010's crop, and valued at $644.8 million, up by more than $278 million from the previous year. Average yield was 1,416 pounds per acre, down from 2011. The total area planted in 2012 was nearly 1.8 million acres, an increase from 2011.  June 2013 ...  Canola



Businesses/Case Studies

  • Indianhead Holsteins Case Study, Eric Anderson and Andrew Dane, 2008 - This 100-head dairy farm is in the process of becoming energy self-sufficient. In 2007, the owners started purchasing canola seeds and pressing them to make straight vegetable oil for on-site fuel. They use half of the resulting canola meal as a dietary supplement for the cows, increasing their milk production, and sell the remaining half.

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