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Sugarbeets are one of the leading raw materials for the production of manufactured sugar in the United States. Total sugarbeet production reached nearly 28.8 million tons in 2011. Minnesota is generally the leading producer of sugarbeets, followed by North Dakota or Idaho. In 2011, Minnesota produced more than 8.9 million tons of sugarbeets, or nearly 31 percent, of the total crop. Idaho produced nearly 6.1 million tons and North Dakota produced more than 4.6 million tons.  (NASS 2012).  September 2012 ... Sugarbeets


  • American Sugar Alliance - A national coalition of cane, beet and corn farmers, processors, suppliers, workers and others dedicated to preserving a strong domestic sweetener industry.
  • American Sugarbeet Growers Association - The purpose of the organization is to unite the sugar beet growers in the United States and promote the common interest of its members, through legislative and international representation and public relations.
  • Crop Production Annual Summary, National Ag Statistics Service (NASS), USDA, 2012.
  • Crop Values Annual Summary, NASS, USDA, 2012.
  • Global Agricultural Trade System (GATS), Foreign Ag Service (FAS), USDA.
  • Sugar: World Markets and Trade, FAS, USDA.
  • Sugar Publications - Since the 1960s, Sugar Publications has served the U.S. and international sugar industry through the production and distribution of two well-known publications: The Sugarbeet Grower magazine and Gilmore Sugar Manual. The Sugarbeet Grower is a periodical geared toward today's U.S. and Canadian sugarbeet producer.
  • U.S. Sugar Industry Directory - This is a who's who of those involved in the sugar industry. There are listings for several hundred companies, organizations and agencies involved in the production, processing and marketing of sugarbeets.
  • (World Sugar Research Organisation) - This international scientific research organization is supported by the worldwide sugar industry.



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