sugarcane stalkProduction

Sugarcane is grown primarily in the tropics and subtropics. In the United States, sugarcane is grown commercially in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and Hawaii. Cane for sugar totaled 26.7 million tons in 2011.  (NASS) 

Florida, the top producing state, produced more than 13.1 million tons of the crop. The state typically contributes about half of the total U.S. cane sugar crop. That same year, Louisiana produced more than 11.3 million tons of sugarcane.   May 2012 ... Sugarcane




Businesses/Case Studies

  • Sugarcane, The New American Farmer, Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE), NIFA, USDA - This case study describes Jackie Judice and his family of Franklin, Louisiana. The family improved the soil of their 3,300-acre sugar cane farm, increasing their yield and decreasing their input costs.

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