Beef, Direct Marketing


Direct marketing is selling food and farm products directly to consumers without using an intermediary. This may include direct sales to grocery stores, restaurants, door-to-door and freezer sales and Internet marketing.  April 2012 ...  Beef, Direct Marketing



  • After the Ban: The Japanese Market for U.S. Beef, Roxanne Clemens, Midwest Agribusiness Trade Research and Information Center (MATRIC), Iowa State University, 2007.
  • Beef Marketing Alternatives, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas (ATTRA), NCAT, 2006 - Looks at various marketing avenues, including direct marketing, legal considerations, processing and packing.
  • Cattle & Beef, Economic Research Service (ERS), USDA.
  • Direct Marketing Meats, Selling Freezer Beef, Alberta Agriculture & Rural Development, Canada.
  • Farm to Fork: A Direct-to-the-Consumer Beef Marketing Handbook 2nd edition; Annette Dunlap, Geoffrey Benson and Matt Poore; North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service; revised 2010 - This handbook, developed by a multidisciplinary team with AgMRC funds, was recently revised by Geoffrey Benson. The handbook was designed to be a self-directed guide to developing a business plan for marketing beef directly to consumers. It contains basic explanatory material related to each part of a business plan, with a corresponding worksheet. By completing the worksheets in the handbook, producers will make more informed decisions about starting and growing a direct-to-the-consumer beef marketing business.     
  • How to Direct Market You Beef, Sustainable Ag Research and Education (SARE), NIFA, USDA, 2005 - Describes how one couple used their family´s ranch to launch a profitable, grass-based beef operation focused on direct market sales.
  • Livestock Cattle Reports, Market News and Transportation Data, Ag Marketing Service, USDA.
  • North American Farmers' Direct Marketing Association



  • Adding Value to Beef Production, Iowa State University Extension Value-Added Agriculture - This Web site gives readers an overview of various beef production alternatives.
  • Cattle Production: Considerations for Pasture-Based Beef and Dairy Producers, ATTRA, NCAT, 2007 - This publication highlights intensively-managed rotational grazing (also called management-intensive grazing or planned grazing) and other practices producers are using to provide customers with nutritious food.

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