U.S. greasy shorn wool production was 30 million pounds in 2011, which was 3 percent lower than in 2010. Greasy wool production that year translated into 16 million pounds of clean wool. Sheep and lambs shorn for wool totaled 4.1 million head in 2011. The top states for wool production are Texas, Wyoming, Montana and California.

U.S. farm prices for shorn wool have varied widely over the past decade. For example, prices were only $0.33 per pound in 2000 but increased to $0.99 per pound in 2008 and $1.15 per pound in 2010. The production of high-value fine wools (25 microns or less) represents more than one-half of U.S. wool production.  April 2012 . . .  Wool




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