Certified/Verified Pork


Traceability, in which the product is tracked from its origin through processing, is becoming a competitive advantage to today’s meat suppliers. Product quality attributes and/or the actual manufacturing process is verified or certified by a third party.

Such programs may become increasingly important as the food industry makes further attempts to appeal to the consumers who want to know where their food came from and how it was raised.  July 2012... Certified/Verified Pork


  • American Human Certified, Washington, D.C. - This site details how farmers can certify for the American Humane Certified label.
  • Berkshire Pork - The American Berkshire Association certifies pork sold as “100% Pure Berkshire Pork.”
  • Du Breton Natural Pork, Notre-Dame-du-Lac, Quebec - The first pork producer to qualify for the American Humane Association’s “Free Farmed” label in 2001. Pork with the Free Farmed label assures consumers that it comes from animals that were treated according to animal welfare standards developed by the American Humane Association. USDA’s Ag Marketing Service audits the Free Farmed certification program.
  • Factors Affecting Pork Consumption, Economic Research Service, USDA, 2005 - Pork ranks third in annual U.S. meat consumption. This report analyzes existing and potential pork consumption trends, using demographic data.



Businesses/Case Studies

  • America’s Best Pork by Farmland Foods - This USDA Process Verification Program offers 100 percent documented traceability.
  • Organic Valley Family of Farms - Organic Valley requires organic production certification. Only 50 percent Berkshire-sired hogs are acceptable.

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