Direct Marketing Pork


Direct marketing allows producers to bypass traditional marketing channels and sell directly to consumers. Methods of direct marketing include Internet sales and farmers’ markets.  September 2017...  Pork, Direct Marketing


  • Pork Marketing Alternatives, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, NCAT, 2004 - This study explains alternative marketing methods, such as direct, niche or organic-labeled pork.
  • Decision Aids to Determine Budgets and Carcass Yields of Pork, Direct and local meat marketing, University of Kentucky - These online tools provide producers a way to calculate costs and potential carcass yields.
  • Find a Farmers' Market in Your State, Agricultural Marketing Service, USDA - This Web site provides a national directory of farmers' markets listed by state. It includes other helpful links..
  • Fresh Cut Pork Distribution Summary, Leopold Center and Center for Transportation Research and Education, Iowa State University, 2007 - This document summarizes the amount and value of fresh cut pork that annually moves through the U.S. food distribution system.


  • 2001 Economic Impact of Directly Marketed Livestock in Iowa, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship - Cooperative Development Services surveyed licensed meat processors in Iowa to analyze the scale and economic impact of livestock directly marketed to consumers.
  • Safety of Fresh Pork From Farm to Table, Food Safety and Inspection Service, USDA - This site overviews pork inspection, retail cuts, how long consumers can store fresh and frozen pork and how long it takes to cook pork.

Businesses/Case Studies

  • Albright Swine Farms, Coldwater, Michigan - This business markets freezer meat, roaster pigs and club pigs from its Web site.
  • Attracting Consumers with Locally Grown Products, Food Processing Center, Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2001 - This research study summarizes the results of a survey of 500 households in Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin. The primary grocery shopper of each household was surveyed for attitudes and opinions on locally grown and produced food, including organic and all-natural food and meat purchasing behaviors. 
  • Fresh Air Pork: Is Direct Marketing the Answer? Pork Niche Market Working Group Update, 2003 - Iowa producer Tom Frantzen shares lessons learned from direct marketing his pork. 

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