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Foodservice offers a growing market segment for pork and pork products. U.S. consumers spend nearly 48 percent of their total food expenditures on food consumed away from home. The United States has more than 960,000 foodservice eating establishments....  Foodservice Pork


  • Pork Marketing Alternatives, Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas, NCAT, 2004 - This study explains alternative marketing methods, such as direct, niche or organic-labeled pork.
  • Direct and Local Meat Marketing, Decision Aids to Determine Budgets and Carcass Yields of Pork, University of Kentucky - These online tools provide producers a way to calculate costs and potential carcass yields.
  • Fresh Cut Pork Distribution Summary, Leopold Center and Center for Transportation Research and Education, Iowa State University, 2007 - This document summarizes the amount and value of fresh cut pork that annually moves through the U.S. food distribution system.
  • The Other White Meat for Foodservice Professionals, National Pork Board.
  • Preparation Tips, Solutions for the Food Service Industry, National Pork Board.
  • Jarrod Sutton, Assistant Vice President, Foodservice & Retail Marketing, National Pork Board, Des Moines, Iowa. Phone: 515-223-2600, Fax: 515-223-2646,  Email:  - Responsible for promotional programs with foodservice operators, distributors and packer/processors.

 Businesses/Case Studies

  • Eden Farms, a coalition of independent family farmers established in 1998, is the largest American supplier of certified Berkshire pork. The Berkshire lineage has been known for high-quality meat for more than 350 years. Eden Farms Berkshire hogs are raised in a healthy, environmentally friendly way. Eden Farms’ producers are committed to a strict code of responsible and humane husbandry.
  • Joe Huber Family Farm, Starlight, Indiana - Located outside of Louisville, this farm markets homegrown products from its own farm market, gift shop and restaurant. The restaurant serves homemade food featuring Huber Honey Ham, country ham and pork chops.
  • Snake River Farms, Boise, Idaho - This business sells American kurobuta pork, which is 100 percent pure all-natural Berkshire pork.
  • Vande Rose Foods, Oskaloosa, Iowa - This business was formed by three farm families in 1999. It sells Duroc pork to restaurants across the country.

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