Natural Pork


pasture hogsNatural pork products contain no artificial ingredients and are no more than minimally processed. Producers involved in raising natural pork have several marketing options. Some opt for direct marketing to consumers using the Internet or local advertising. Others market pork directly to local foodservice outlets, supermarkets or natural food stores.  July 2012 . . . Natural Pork


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Businesses/Case Studies

  • Niman Ranch markets pork from Midwest family farmers. Pigs are raised on open pasture, given deeply bedded pens and fed natural ingredients. Pigs are not given any antibiotics or other artificial growth promotants.
  • Prairie Grove Farms, DeKalb, Illinois - These farms provide USDA-certified, 100 percent antibiotic-free pork. The animals are bred for quality and fed for health.
  • Swedish-Style Hog Production in Minnesota, Profitable Pork: Strategies for Hog Producers, SARE, NIFA, USDA.

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