Prairie Grasses and Wildflowers


wildflowersThe heightened public awareness of the need for biodiversity coupled with government mandates for using native plants has led to an increased demand for prairie grasses and wildflower seed. Emergence of the prairie grass and wildflower industry was triggered by the 1987 passage of the Surface Transportation and Uniform Relocation Assistance Act, which requires that all federally aided highway landscaping projects include native grasses or wildflowers. At least one quarter of one percent of all funds expended for a landscaping project must be used to establish native plants.  February 2012 ... Prairie Grasses



Businesses/Case Studies

  • FDC Enterprises Grasslands Services, Columbus, Ohio, 2008 - Since 2002, this company has planted 86,000 acres in 15 states, with the pasture and cattle-grazing market growing the fastest.
  • Glenco Agricultural Consultant Services - Native prairie grass seed production and marketing in the northern Great Plains and Canadian prairies.
  • Ion Exchange, Harpers Ferry, Iowa - Native seed and plant nursery.
  • Prairie Frontier, Waukesha, Wisconsin - Offers planting tips, as well as sales of specific prairie plants and prairie plant mixes.
  • Prairie Moon Nursery, Winona, Minnesota - Offers a large selection of native prairie and meadow wildflowers and grass seeds. Also specializes in wetland, savanna and woodland seed mixes. 
  • Prairie Nursery, Westfield, Wisconsin - This operation has been growing wildflowers and grasses since 1972. In addition to sales of seeds and plants, the operation also offers landscaping services of prairie areas.
  • Prairie Restorations, Inc., Princeton, Minnesota - Helps restore natural prairie areas in the Midwest. For a case study of the business, see Renewing the Countryside's article. 
  • Shooting Star Native Seeds, Spring Grove, Minnesota - A major supplier of native grass and wildflower seed throughout the Upper Midwest.

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