Feasibility & Development: Tool Workbench

A collection of tools and resources helpful in building and executing a business plan can be found below:

Understanding the Financing Stages - Entrepreneur.com -- From seed to stage to mezzanine, a breakdown of the key financing terms and what they mean to you.

What Stage Are You In? - Entrepreneur.com -- Understand the four stages of your business's development to get the cash you need. Collaborative Marketing – University of Minnesota Extension – Collaborative marketing is a group of farmers who have agreed to work together over an extended time period to market the agricultural products they produce.

Conducting Marketing Research  

Strategic Marketing Management: Building a Foundation for Your Future – University of Florida Extension -- This workbook is designed to help firms and individuals become more familiar with the implications of a strategic marketing management program for their businesses.

Strategic Planning: Scanning the Horizon -- Purdue University Extension – Strategic planning involves making decisions now to reach a desired future.

Your Competitors – CCH Business Owners Toolkit -- The information age has increased the need for businesses to be thoroughly familiar with their competitors.

What Your Competition is Telling You – HBS Working Knowledge -- Your competitors, closely analyzed, can help you influence your own customers and help grow the market for your products and services. Here’s how.

Using Vegetable Budgets to Make Decisions

Competing with Chains

How much should I spend on Marketing?