Cash Flow Budgeting Tools

Worksheets and calculators are useful tools for making projections of future cash in-flows and out-flows.

Cash Flow Budget (6 periods), Cash Flow Budget (12 periods), and Cash Flow Budgeting (monitor projections and compare to actual numbers) can be used to estimate a simple cash-flow projection for a project or a small business.  Understanding Cash-Flow provides you with background for using this worksheet.

Cash Flow Budget can be used to prepare a comprehensive cash-flow budget for a value-added farm business.  Cash Flow Budgeting for a Value-Added Farm Business provides you with the background for using this worksheet.

For more information on this topic, see the link listed below for use of additional calculators and worksheets posted on related Web sites.

  • Farmdoc – University of Illinois Extension -- The user can estimate the cash needs required to meet living, debt and investment payments, prepare a quarterly cash flow projection and perform sensitivity analysis, estimates breakeven prices and produces a simple cash flow for a grain farm.

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