Conflict Management Skills

Work place conflicts tend to persist and fester.  To avoid them, usually tends to make matters worse.  In all areas of life, good communication and emotional intelligence, keeping your head and considering and being respectful of the other party, leads to the most successful conflict resolution and enterprise health.  Whether dealing with an employee or co-owner dispute, investor issues or employee interpersonal problems, open communication and sticking to company policy usually leads to the most forthright solution to the problem.

Conflict is not necessarily bad.  Properly managed, the resolution of conflicting viewpoints can be highly beneficial.  Conflict is the root of change and allows people to learn and grow and make better decisions. It stimulates curiosity and imagination. Upon resolution, a more cohesive and effective group effort can go forward with greater group understand and awareness. To understand how to use conflict for your benefit, read Using Group Conflict to Improve your Project.

That said, conflict within a value-added project committee or the board room of an operating business will not only divert attention away from important business issues but can also affect critical decisions relating to the viability of the business. However, conflict is a daily reality for everyone. Some conflict is relatively minor and easy to handle. Others are greater in magnitude and require a strategy for successful resolution or they will create constant tension and lasting enmity. Knowing how to manage and resolve conflict is important for the overall success of the business. To resolve conflicts in your group, read Resolving Conflicts between Business Associates.

There are other times when individuals in your group may be under stress, which causes them to become emotional. If you have this issue, Techniques for Dealing with Difficult People can help you through this period.  

Family Business Tensions: The Good and the Not So Good provides you with a video/audio presentation on learning to work with creative and distracting tensions to strengthen your family business.

Managing Conflict in Family Business provides you with a video/audio presentation on insights to manage conflict.

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