Planning Skills

Effective planning focuses your efforts on the activities needed to accomplish a task, complete a project or achieve a goal. This is a major task, and to develop good planning tools, one that takes some skill, research or assistance. To be successful, you need to determine your project’s goals, mission statement, milestone timeline, and business plan with financial projections. Although this planning is one of the basic skills needed in business development, it is often seriously neglected. Improper planning results in wasted time, resources and missed opportunities.

Whether you are introducing a formal planning process into your business or just trying to get people to think more about planning, Keys to Successful Planning for Strengthening your Value-Added Businesses provides you with some ideas and tips on how to use planning more effectively.

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Understanding Planning

Improve Your Organization and Planning

  • Getting Organized - Kansas State University Extension - You can begin to organize your home and your life by establishing systems for getting out of the house in the morning, keeping track of important dates, housework, shopping, and bills. 

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