Other Direct Marketing Approaches

In addition to the forms of direct marketing discussed previously, there are other direct marketing approaches that are used less frequently. These include roadside/farm stands, direct mail sales, catalogue sales, door-to-door sales, pick-your-own, cooperative marketing and many others.

For more information on this topic, see the links listed below of articles posted on related Web sites.

  • Pick-Your-Own – Sustainable Agriculture Network -- Turns the job of harvesting, packing and transporting your production over to the customer.
  • Pick-Your-Own Markets, Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables – Oklahoma State University -- Pick-your-own or u-pick operations are a type of direct marketing system where consumers harvest fruits and vegetables themselves.
  • Advertising a Pick-Your-Own Farm or Farm Stand – Small Farm Center, University of California Extension -- Just as farmers need a plow to condition the soil to grow crops, they also need advertising to condition customers to buy their crops.
Roadside/Farm Stands
  • How to Establish and Operate a Roadside Stand – University of California Cooperative Extension -- Roadside stands come in a variety of shapes and forms, ranging from seasonal wooden stalls to year-round rural attractions that include pie shops, gift boutiques and refrigerated produce displays.
  • Roadside Stands – Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook -- Should I Grow Fruits and Vegetables?
  • Running a Roadside Stand – Direct Farm Marketing and Tourism Handbook -- Helpful Hints.
  • Roadside Stands – Should a Grow Fruits and Vegetables – Oklahoma State University -- Roadside stands or markets are a type of direct marketing system where a grower establishes a selling place (stand) near a roadway and sells produce directly to consumers.
Direct Mail
  • Direct Mail – Small Business Notes -- Direct mail is a marketing technique in which the seller sends marketing messages directly to the buyer.
Catalog and Mail Order
  • Marketing to Distant Places--Mail Order Marketing – Small Business Center, University of California Extension -- The emergence of free-to-the-caller 800 telephone numbers, and the increase in the number of two-income families in the United States who have more discretionary income and less time to shop.
  • Catalog Sales For Your Business – Bplans.com -- Things to watch out for when selling your product in catalogs.
Cooperative Marketing
  • Selling Directly to Local School – Small Farm Center, University of California Extension -- Have you ever thought about selling your produce directly to local schools? As with any other enterprise, you will need to develop a business plan and a relationship with the schools.
  • Marketing Crafts and Tourist Products – Small Farm Center, University of California Extension -- Shopping is an important activity for tourists. After meals and lodging, they spend most of their tourist dollars on clothing, crafts and local food products. Almost 70 percent buy gifts for future events and for mementos.

 Links checked July 2014.