Business Contracts and Agreements

Any type of value-added business development activity usually involves contracts and agreements of various kinds. Too often value-added groups either don’t formalize a relationship with another party with a contract or agreement or use a contract provided by the other party which they don’t bother to read and understand. Both of these approaches are dangerous. 

If nothing else, an agreement will force the parties to think through the issues involved in a relationship. Further, a written agreement will memorialize the decisions reached relative to these issues. Without written proof, parties either forget the provisions of an agreement or just remember the provisions favorable to their situation. More important, contracts and agreements can provide important legal protection for the parties involved.


Below are several contracts typically used by value-added groups. An overview of the contracts is provided to help you understand the issues involved. Next, a sample contract form is provided that you can use to tailor the agreement to your specific situation.


Overview of Consulting Agreement

Sample Consulting Agreement

Overview of Confidentiality Agreement

Sample One-Sided Confidentiality Agreement

Sample Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Overview of Letter of Intent
Sample Letter of Intent 

Overview of Uniform Marketing Agreements

Sample Uniform Marketing Agreement


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Preparing Contracts and Agreements
Understanding Specific Contracts
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