Understanding Marketing

Marketing is a general term used to describe the activities that lead to the sale of your product. It is the process of planning and executing pricing, promotion and distribution programs to satisfy customer needs. It involves collecting information, analyzing alternative market outlets, developing different product forms, pricing products to compete in the marketplace, defining the scope of the proposed market area and meeting consumers' needs. So marketing is more than just selling a product or service. It is an essential part of your business. Without a good marketing program, even the best businesses fail.

Value-added agricultural groups typically don’t pay enough attention to marketing. Selling agricultural commodities usually only involves hauling the commodities to a market where there is usually a willing buyer. So farmers often spend their time analyzing brick and mortar issues associated with processing and manufacturing (making the product rather than marketing the product). Often the attitude is that, if we make the product, someone will come along and buy it. So value-added agricultural businesses consistently fail because they do not understand the importance of designing and implementing a good marketing program.

As a first step, A Marketing Primer will help you with a basic understanding of marketing. Successful marketing involves designing and implementing a marketing strategy for your product. Marketing Strategies provides generic strategies for various types of products and product buyers. Another dimension of marketing is How Much Should I Spend.

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Understanding Marketing
Marketing Strategies and Programs
  • Collaborative Marketing – University of Minnesota Extension – Collaborative marketing is a group of farmers who have agreed to work together over an extended time period to market the agricultural products they produce.

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