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Is image important? You bet it is.  What your customer thinks of you is not only important, it is everything.  Image is also important in dealing with the community in which you work, governmental agencies, lenders and so on.

Image is the way others (clients, employees, the community, competitors, etc.) perceive your company and its products. And, it is the action you take to bring that about.  It means using the old adage of “putting your best foot forward.”  Image must make sense and be believable and accurate. It must be consistent – in visual approach as well as in the way you handle customers.

Image can mean gaining a visual identification of your company by its customers such as with a logo.  However, it is not limited to this. Image is a part of everything you do including written materials, the way you deal with customers and others, what people noticed about you, etc.

Establishing an image should be part of your marketing plan.  What short phrase describes your interactions with customers or your product? You may want to develop a tag line and use it everywhere.

To better understand company image and how to use it read Packaging Your Business: How to Harness Image as a Marketing Tool.

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Choosing a Logo

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