Rural Grocery

Rural Grocery Profit Simulator 

This program is designed to give a potential business owner an opportunity to evaluate the financial implications of opening a small grocery store in a specific rural setting. Starting with a review of the potential market area, the program will look at potential revenue, estimated expenses, and ultimately calculate an estimated profit or loss based on the user inputs. A detailed report explaining all of the calculations used will be provided upon completion of the program. Users can “tweak” the inputs used to evaluate the impacts various changes will have on the bottom line.    

Rural Grocery Profit Simulator

Rural Grocery Profit Simulator Instructions and Explanations PDF

Rural Grocery Toolkit

Whether you are a current store owner looking for new ideas, or just considering a venture in the grocery business, this series of documents will be of interest. We include information on a variety of topics beginning with the initial selection of ownership structure, choosing a location, store layout, marketing ideas and many more. In addition, we include numerous links to additional information on related topics.