Grant Funding Sources for Value-Added Agriculture

Ray Hansen Ray Hansen                                                         
Specialist, Ag Marketing Resource Center
Iowa State University Extension


Producer-based value-added agricultural grant and funding sources generally segregate themselves into three distinctive categories.

  1. Federal Government Loan programs 
  2. State based programs
  3. Foundations
1. Federal Government Loan Programs:
The United States Department of Agriculture has a variety of funding opportunities. This link inlcudes a general list.

USDA agencies that offer funding specifically focus on value-added agriculture include:
2. State Programs:
  • A wide variety of grants and loan programs are offered by individual state departments of agriculture. Those funding opportunities will be listed on the individual state departments’ web sites. A complete listing of agricultural state offices can be found at:
  • Often individual states will offer funding opportunities through their respective departments of economic development;  Directory of all State Agencies
  • The third source of funding support may be through state land grant universities;  Complete listing of these institutions.   
3. Foundations:

Local, state and federal foundations can also be a good source for funding. However, these sources tend to be very targeted in scope and geography, thus making it harder to qualify for support. This Web site will help you search over 65,000 private and community foundations.