Grant Opportunities and Information

Grants have become an important part of value-added agriculture. Grants are often used to fund feasibility studies and business plans. They are also used to provide “start-up” funds to cover expenses such as legal fees. Grants may also focus on providing “working capital” to get a business started. Finally, some grants may be used to build the “bricks and mortar” associated with a processing business.

Before you start applying for a grant, you need to determine if you are ready for a grant. How to Use Grants provides you with an outline of points you need to consider as you go down the road of grant usage.

Value-added groups may have little experience writing grant applications. For help getting started, read Introduction to Grant Writing. Groups often hire a professional grant writer to help them write the grant application. To help find a grant writer, visit AgMRC’s directory of Value-added Agricultural Consultants and Service Providers.

Grants are available from a variety of public and private sources. For example, USDA Rural Development provides grants specifically designed for value-added agricultural businesses. For more information on these grants, visit USDA Value-Added Producer Grants. A list of Previous Value-Added Grant Recipients is also available. To help you when applying for one of these grants, read Value-Added Development Grants: A Reviewer’s Perspective. How Successful was the 2002 Farm Bill's Value-Added Producer Grant Program? provides an assessment of the impact of this program on value-added agriculture.

Another source of USDA grants is the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Program. State agencies also provide grants for start-up and expanding businesses. For a more thorough description of granting agencies, read Funding Sources.

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