Success/Failure Analysis

Understanding the factors behind the success or failure of a value-added agricultural business is important. The difference between success and failure has more than financial implications. It can also have a substantial psychological impact on its founders, members and investors. So understanding the reasons for success or failure can be of great benefit to anyone involved in starting and operating a value-added business.

The reasons why some value-added businesses succeed and others fail are numerous and varied. However, it is possible to identify some of the common reasons why businesses succeed or fail.

Farmer-owned Processing Business Success Factors provides the results of a thorough investigation into common success factors for several agricultural processing businesses. A personal reflection of experiences by a university value-added specialist is outlined in What I’ve Learned about Value Added Agriculture.

Romance vs. reality: Hard lessons learned in a grass-fed beef marketing cooperative provides useful insights into the pitfalls and opportunities of a direct marketing specialty beef venture.

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Revised March, 2019.