Organizations Supporting Agritourism

Revised October 2023


Agritourism associations, resources and networks, and other related organizations can provide benefits for farmers and ranchers wishing to diversify their operations.  Such associations often provide information and resources, and can prove helpful in three general ways. First, these associations can provide an advertising outlet for your business through websites, brochures, and other media. For example, many associations maintain websites that market attractions in a geographic area or map driving routes to participating farms, ranches, and other agritourism sites.  Second, these groups can provide an opportunity to network, interact, and learn from others who are involved in similar businesses. This enables farmers/ranchers to build upon the experiences of others in similar ventures. Third, these provide information on trainings, conferences, trends, and recent research.

Following is a listing of some of the agritourism and related associations, networks, and websites specifically developed for agritourism businesses in order to directly meet identified needs related to marketing their businesses.  In addition, there are governmental, non-governmental, and university organizations dedicated to assisting in the development and marketing of agritourism. 

Tour Operations and Online Guides

Government Resources and Assistance Organizations

National Resources


Winery Associations by State