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nursery treesThe nursery and landscape industry is made up of thousands of small family businesses that grow, retail, install and care for plants and landscapes. According to the USDA's Economic Research Service, the nursery and greenhouse industry comprises the fastest growing segment of U.S. agriculture. While the number of U.S. farms of all types has declined over the last two decades, the number of nursery and greenhouse farms has increased. Grower cash receipts from nursery and greenhouse sales (on sales of plants to retail and distribution businesses) have grown steadily over the last two decades and are increasing where home building increases demand. The nursery operations also generate biomass in the form of pruning and culling waste. This may be utilized for energy production, converted to agricultural mulch or used in other ways.  August 2012 ...  Nursery Trees



  • American Hort - The association produces a number of publications, including The Complete Guide to Garden Center Management; cost management and contracting; report planning sheets and guides for selling at trade shows; and provides a number of services to members.
  • Census of Horticultural Specialties (2014), National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS), USDA, 2010 - The census provides the only comprehensive, detailed data on U.S. floriculture, nursery and specialty crop production at the national and state levels. It provides such information as the number and types of establishments, value of sales, varieties of products and cut Christmas trees sold.
  • Garden Center Nursery Management, Washington State University.
  • International (Dwarf) Fruit Tree Association - The association publishes Compact Fruit Tree magazine, much of which is available online. The publication covers all practical aspects of compact fruit tree propagation and marketing.
  • Marketing Your Nursery, University of Kentucky - This online guide reviews marketing tips for nurseries.
  • The National Christmas Tree Association
  • National Gardening Association - This association is a well-known and widely recognized authority on the U.S. consumer lawn and garden market. It has provided market research services to companies in the lawn and garden business for more than 25 years.
  • Nursery and Greenhouse Sector: Rapid Opportunity Assessment, Michigan State University, 2005 - This document outlines market drivers and trends in nursery and greenhouse products.
  • Nursery Crop Selection and Market Niches, University of Florida Extension.
  • Nursery Stock Sold, Nursery, Greenhouse, Floriculture, Sod, Mushrooms, Vegetable Seeds, and Propagative Materials Grown for Sale. Census of Agriculture, NASS, USDA, 2014.


Businesses/Case Studies

  • 2ShopTrees.Com, Omaha, Nebraska - Example of a transplant and seedling tree business that provides trees for landscaping, privacy, wind breaks, shelterbelts and wholesaling.
  • Greenwood Nursery, McMinnville, Tennessee - Example of a well-developed, Web-based family-owned and -operated wholesale nursery and plant farm. Greenwood Nursery is dedicated to filling both large and small orders for plants and supplies (including watering systems and greenhouse kits) from coast to coast.
  • Itasca Greenhouse Inc, Cohasset, Minnesota - Example of a custom and contract grower specializing in containerized tree seedlings. Hardwood and softwood seedlings for nurseries, landscaping and reforestation.
  • Nature Hills Nursery, Omaha, Nebraska - Example of nursery operation offering a wide range of trees, bushes and ornamentals.
  • Needlefast Evergreens, Inc, Ludington, Michigan - Example of a full-service tree nursery and Christmas tree farm, specializing in seedlings and transplants for other nurseries, landscapers and homeowners. Descriptions of available tree species and their care are available on the Internet site.
  • Nursery, The New American Farmer, Sustainable Agriculture and Research Education (SARE), NIFA, USDA.
  • RainTree Nursery, Morton, Washington - Example of a well-developed local retail nursery and plant farm, specializing in organic fruits, nuts, berries and unusual edible plants for the American backyard fruit grower. This nursery offers family experiences, workshops and online plant selection guides.
  • TyTy Online Plant & Tree Nursery, TyTy, Georgia - Online Plant Nursery and Tree Nursery providing a large selection of shade, flowering and fruit trees, ornamental shrubs, flower bulbs and berry & fruit plants.

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