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Revised March 2023.

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American Society for Enology and Viticulture - A nonprofit scientific society dedicated to the interests of enologists, viticulturists and other fields of wine and grape research.

Appellation, Variety, and the Price of California Wines; Oh Sang Kwon, Hyunok Lee and Daniel A. Sumner; Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics; ARE Update, University of California, 2008 - This research paper shows how variety and California appellation interact to affect premium wine prices. 

California Wine and the EU Wine Policy Reform; Henrich Brunke, Rolf A.E. Mueler and Daniel A. Sumner; AIC Issues Brief, University of California, 2008 - This report discusses U.S. trade with European Union countries and EU policies on vineyard removal, planting rights, chaptalization, labeling and end of distillation support.

California Wine Industry Evolving to Compete in 21st Century, University of California, 2008 - Research on changes in marketing, consumer taste and industry structure. Presented from national and global perspective. 

California Wines

Clusters of Grapes and Wine, Rolf A.E. Mueller and Daniel A. Sumner, Agricultural Issues Center, University of California, 2006 - This research paper discusses the theory of clusters and the competitiveness and spatial organization of the California wine industry.

Current Economic Trends in the California Wine Industry; Rachel E. Goodhue, Richard D. Green, Dale M. Heien and Philip L. Martin; Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics; ARE Update, University of California, 2008 - The number of wine grape growers is growing slowly but the number of wineries has doubled in the past decade.

Department of Viticulture and Enology, University of California, Davis - Information on grape production and enology. - This online wine information community allows viewers to add their ratings and reviews to: wine ratings, reviews and tasting notes. The site offers sections on winery visits and featured regions as well as a free newsletter.

Fruits and Tree Nuts, Economic Research Service (ERS), USDA.

F. Teldeschi Winery - This winery, nestled in Sonoma County's wine country, is a family-owned business that sells 95 percent of its grapes to local wineries in the area with the remaining grapes used to produce small quantities of their high-quality wine sold throughout the world.

Hard Cider & Apple Wine, Processed Apple Product Marketing Analysis, Cornell University, 2000 - This report provides background to hard cider and apple wine and their potential roles in the processed apple industry.

IRS Catches Up With The 1986 Tax Act, Chief Counsel’s Office Says Vineyard Qualifies For Expense Method Depreciation, Center for Agricultural Law and Taxation, Iowa State University, 2012 - Vineyards, orchards and groves can qualify for the expense method of depreciation. The IRS agrees that I.R.C. §179 is available when the vineyard is placed in service even in situations where the taxpayer established the vineyard years earlier by planting the seeds and capitalizing expenses during the preproduction period. The IRS position in the past was that orchards, groves and vineyards were not able to capitalized direct and indirect costs until the vineyard became productive. Tax returns for the open tax years (generally three years back) can be amended to either make or revoke an I.R.C. §179 election. That means that taxpayers that put a vineyard, orchard or grove in service in the past three years but didn’t elect I.R.C. §179 can now do so.

National Association of American Wineries

National Grape Registry - Information about varieties of wine, juice and table grapes, raisins and grape rootstock and where they can be obtained in the United States.

New York Wine and Grape Foundation

Northern Vineyard Winery, Stillwater, Minnesota, Ag Marketing Resource Center - This winery was established in 1983 as a co-op to purchase grapes grown by producer members.

Northwest Grapes Cost-Of-Production Calculators - Growers choose among four calculators: conventional or organic winegrapes or juice grapes, then specify how many years the vineyard has been established. Then, just plug in your equity, operating capital, estimated yield by year, vine spacing, row length, acreage and trellising details, and once the data is entered, the calculator reveals your per-acre costs.

Northwest Wine Coalition

Pedroncelli Vineyard & Winery, Geyserville, California - This winery has been family owned and operated since 1927 and offers a large variety of wines sold throughout the United States.

Recent Trends in the California Wine Grape Industry; Richard Volpe, Richard Green, Dale Heien and Richard Howitt; Giannini Foundation of Agricultural Economics; ARE Update, University of California, 2008 - Over the last 30 years, the wine grape industry has expanded rapidly in acreage and production. As shown in this paper, growth has has been driven by changes in consumer demand and has not been uniform across grape varieties or in the major growing regions.

Sample Costs to Establish a Vineyard and Produce Winegrapes, University of California Cooperative Extension, 2010.

Small Winery Investment and Operation Costs Publication, Washington State University, 2005.

Society of Wine Educators - Promoting accurate and professional wine education.

Total Wine Package Video, Value-Added Agriculture Program and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, Iowa State University Extension, 2005 - These three videos address aspects of researching the feasibility of constructing a winery or establishing a vineyard on your operation. The videos are designed to give producers insight into the research needed before construction takes place.

U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau - Federal regulations for winery licenses and permits.

Vinification and Brewing Technology Laboratory, Department of Food Science, Cornell University - Located in a new facility, the lab is a pilot plant dedicated to research and teaching in wine and brewing sciences.

Washington Wine Industry Foundation - This nonprofit, exempt corporation is the fund-raising and gift-receiving organization for the Washington wine industry and other donor-designated organizations. Organized as a 501(c)(3) in 2001, the Foundation engages those who care about the wine industry and provides opportunities to enhance scholarships, education, outreach and research.

Weekend Winery - More than 2,000 wineries listed from all 50 states.

Wine Business Monthly

Wine Business Online - News and information for wine industry professionals.

Wine Country - Collection of wine guides, tours, lodging and travel information for those hoping to visit one of the many wine regions in the USA.

Wine Institute - The voice for California wine.

Wine Economics - This site provides a collection of useful links to persons interested in the economics of wine.

Winery and Vineyard Feasibility Workbooks, Value-Added Agriculture Program and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, Iowa State University Extension, 2005 - These workbooks aid producers in developing a business plan. Producers may input numbers in an Excel spreadsheet to determine the financial feasibility of establishing a vineyard or winery on their operation.