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The Total Wine Package: Exploring the Opportunity

Growing grapes and making wine is one of agriculture’s oldest and most romantic industries. Success requires persistence, patience, passion and money. The wine industry is enjoying a resurgence of interest and many like you are hoping to realize your dream. But those who are reaping the rewards will tell you that success depends on doing your homework before you jump in.

The Total Wine Package: Behind the Scenes

Creating a good bottle of wine is both an art and a science—a venture that begins with looking at the Total Wine Package—knowing your goals and understanding what takes place behind the scenes. Once you have identified your goals, plan to spend much of your initial time learning the science of viticulture.


The Total Wine Package: Growing the Business, Selling the Package

The key to success in developing a winery business in the Midwest is to plan your marketing strategy. How do you distinguish your winery from others? How can you make your winery unique?

The complete Total Wine Package video is available in a DVD format by emailing or sending a written request to:
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Wine Video
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The Total Wine Package: Frequently Asked Questions, Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture Program and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, December 2005 - Information is key to planning a new business and most people start by talking to others in the industry. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Help in Addressing the Challenges to Entering the Vineyard and Winery Industry was the topic of a two-hour presentation at the Minnesota Grape Growers Association, Cold Climate Conference on February 15, 2007. The presentation was sponsored by the USDA Risk Management Agency and Iowa State University Value-Added Ag Programs. To view the presentation, click on the following:

Part 1: Craig Tordsen, Planning to Start a Business?  PowerPoint versionPDF version

Part 2: Mike White, Successful Grape and Wine Production - The Challenges Ahead  PowerPoint versionPDF version.

Part 3: Dr. Paul Domoto, Planning to Start a Vineyard?  PowerPoint versionPDF version.

Part 4: Dr. Murli R. Dharmadhikari, Planning to Start a Winery?  PowerPoint versionPDF version.

Wine Quality Control - Developing a HACCP-like Plan. University of Minnesota.