Organic Pork


In December 2008, the United States had 8,940 hogs and pigs certified organic on 258 farms. Iowa was number one in organic hog inventory with 3,413. Iowa's 19 organic hog farms had sales of $1.6 million. Wisconsin had the most organic hog farms with 32 and sales of $419,528.  July 2012 ...  Organic Pork




  • Comparison of Pig Flow and Labor Needs in Two Organic Pork Production Systems, Iowa State University, 2001 - This research report evaluates pig flow and labor needs for two organic pork production systems. One system is a seasonal organic pork production system, while the other system is a continuous organic pork production system.
  • Cost of Organic Pork Production, Iowa State University, 2003 - One issue that frequently surfaces in the organic pork production industry is the relatively limited information on production costs. The objective of this report is to determine the cost of organic pork production. This report addresses the issue by examining the increase of costs involved in expanding a seasonal (summer-only farrowing) organic pork production system to continuous production of organic hogs.
  • Organic Pork Standards Fact Sheet, National Pork Board - This fact sheet explains what the organic standards mean to pork producers.
  • Raising Organic Pigs: A Guide to USDA Certified Organic Requirements, ATTRA, National Sustainable Ag Information Service, 2011 - This publication addresses the four general topics related to organic certification for pigs: source of animals, feed, healthcare and living conditions.  

Businesses/Case Studies

  • Becker Lane Organic Farm, Dyersville, Iowa - This sixth-generation family farm raises certified organic pork. Primal pork cuts are sold under the Becker Lane Organic brand. Processed meat is sold as Berkshire County Provisions. Since 2007, the farm has partnered with an Iowa-based artisan proscuitto maker, La Quercia, to feed acorns to a group of pigs for the Acorn Edition.
  • Comparison of Premiums and Returns in Organic Pork Production, 2001 - This research study evaluated alternative premium payments and structures for organic pork production.
  • Organic Valley Family of Farms, LaFarge, Wisconsin - This business claims to be the largest organic farmer-owned cooperative in the United States, marketing pork and other meats under its Organic Prairie brand.
  • Tide Mill Organic Farm, Edmunds, Maine - Tide Mill Organics is a certified organic meat and produce business operated by husband/wife Aaron Bell and Cindy DelSignore. The farm is part of a multi-family ninth-generation farm. The business markets freezer pork in a variety of packages.

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