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The following lessons can be utilized independently of each other to educate students on value-added agriculture and the information shared on The lessons were developed by Dustin Perry, Preston Byrd, Trent Wells, Elly Stremsterfer, and John Rasty, graduate students in the Department of Agricultural Education and Studies at Iowa State University. Additional lessons will be added as they are developed.

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Additional Curriculum on Value-added Agriculture Topics

Bio-Energy Project Development Resources, Andrew Dane, University of Wisconsin - During this project, three distinct resources were developed: (1) Four case studies of existing bio-energy projects; (2) a report titled Analyzing Regional Demand for Green Power: Western Wisconsin, Wisconsin Renewable Energy Survey Report; and (3) a manual titled Analyzing Regional Demand for Green Power: Survey project how-to manual.

Expanding E-Commerce Opportunities for Farm-Fresh and Agritourism Industries, Carl German, University of Delaware - For their project, Carl German and his team developed three marketing plans and a PowerPoint slide presentation. One plan targets agritourism business owners, another plan targets fresh-produce growers and the other plan targets growers who direct market their produce. All of these resources inform ag entrepreneurs how to effectively use the Internet to promote their business and to sell their products.   

Iowa Cafe II: Training for New Food and Farming Ventures- compiled by Iowa State University Extension, Practical Farmers of Iowa through a grant provided by the North Central Region SARE.

Small-Scale, Farm-Level Alternative Energy Production: Business plans and case studies of wind energy and biodiesel production, Gary Brester, Montana State University - The individuals involved with this project developed several types of resources to facilitate investment decision-making in the alternative energy production industry. Prepared for small-scale, on-farm wind energy and biodiesel production, these resources included business plans, case studies about existing producers of wind energy and biodiesel, PowerPoint slide presentations and high school lesson plans.

Value-added Agricultural Instructional Materials, Martin Frick, Montana State University - A team at Montana State developed this instructional materials package that serves as a “user-friendly” resource for educators, enabling them to inform ag entrepreneurs about value-added agricultural concepts. The package includes ten lessons, ten PowerPoint presentations and several overheads. After its development, the curriculum was tested in Montana.