Iowa CAFE Part II Resources


Links to University-USDA Sustainable Agriculture Programs

Sustainable AgricultureExtension Program, Iowa
Leopold Center for SustainableAgriculture, Iowa
Sustainable AgricultureNetwork
North Central RegionSARE
Northeast RegionSARE
Southern RegionSARE
Western Region SARE
Alternative Farming SystemsInformation Center, National Agricultural Library
USDA National Agroforestry Center
Agroecology inAction, University of California -Berkeley
Sustainable Agriculture Research andEducation, University of California -Davis
Small Farm Center, University ofCalifornia -Davis
Center forAgroecology & Sustainable Food Systems, University ofCalifornia at Santa Cruz
AgroecologyHome,Univeristy of California at Santa Cruz
AgroecosystemsHome,Dalhousie University
Agroecology/Sustainable AgricultureProgram, Illinois
Kansas Center for Sustainable Agriculture & Alternative Crops ,Kansas
Michigan Integrated Food &Farming Systems , Michigan
AlternativeAnimal Entersprises, Minnesota
Crops,Specialty & Alternative, Minnesota
Minnesota Institute for SustainableAgriculture (MISA)
Organic Fruit and VegetableWeb Page, Mississippi State
Center forSustainable Agricultural Systems,Nebraska
Sustainable PennsylvaniaAgriculture, Penn State
New Crop OnlineProgram, Purdue University
The Center forSustainable Agriculture, Vermont
Center for Sustaining Agriculture & NaturalResources, Washington
Center for IntegratedAgricultural Systems, Wisconsin
Wisconsin SustainableAgriculture, Wisconsin
SustainableAgriculture at University of Massachusetts ,Massachusetts
Agroecology Program at Universityof Massachusetts , Massachusetts
Sustainable Agriculture Program,University of Maine , Maine




Links to Non-Profit Organizations




Practical Farmers of Iowa ,Iowa
Center for Rural Affairs,Nebraska
Community Alliance with FamilyFarmers, California
Henry A.Wallace Center forAgricultural & Environmental Policy at Winrock International,Virginia
Institute for Agriculture & TradePolicy, Minnesota
Kerr Center forSustainable Agriculture, Oklahoma
Samuel R. Roberts Noble Foundation,Oklahoma
The LandInstitute, Kansas
LandStewardship Project, Minnesota
Michael Fields AgriculturalInstitute, Wisconsin
National Center forAppropriate Technology, Montana, Arkansas and California
Nebraska Sustainable AgricultureSociety
RodaleInstitute, Pennsylvania
ThomasJefferson Agricultural Institute
Action Group on Erosion, Technology, andConcentration - ETC Group
Organic Farming ResearchFoundation
Organic Trade Association
American Farmland Trust
Conservation TechnologyInformation Center
The AlanSavory Center for Holistic Management
Sustainable Agriculture Working Groups(SAWGs)




Links to Special Feature Sustainable Agriculture Websites




Ecological Agriculture Projects,Quebec
MissouriAlternatives Center , Missouri
MN Grown Opportunities,Minnesota
Sustainable FarmingConnection , North Carolina




Links to Agricultural Directories and Virtual Libraries




AgWeb: The Ultimate AgricultureResearch Directory, ATTRA
AgNIC (Agriculture Network InformationCenter) National Agricultural Library
AgDB DatabaseDirectory
OwensLibrary, NW Missouri State University
The Farmer's Guide to the Internet -Favorite Links
Sustainable AgricultureLibrary

On-Line Tools for Farmers




Measurements, ConversionUnits & Calculations Useful to Farmers, ATTRA