Cooperative Development Programs/Centers

Centers funded by the USDA Rural Development Cooperative Grant Program in 2013.

Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund, Alabama

University of Alaska Anchorage, Center for Economic Development, Alaska

California Center for Cooperative Development, California

US Federation of Workers Cooperatives, California

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union Education and Charitable Foundation, Inc., Colorado

The Kohala Center, Hawaii

Western Illinois University, Illinois

Indiana Cooperative Development Center, Indiana

Kentucky Center for Agriculture and Rural Development, Kentucky

Cooperative Development Institute INC., Maine

Michigan State University, Michigan

Latino Economic Development Center, Minnesota

Northcountry Cooperative Foundation, Minnesota

Agricultural Utilization Research Institute, Minnesota

Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, Mississippi

Montana Cooperative Development Center, Inc., Montana

Lake County Community Development Corporation, Montana

North Carolina State University, North Carolina

North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives, North Dakota

Board of Regents University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Nebraska

The Ohio State University, Ohio

Kent State University, Ohio

National Network of Forest Practitioners, Ohio

Community and Shelter Assistance Corporation, Oregon

Keystone Development Center, Pennsylvania

Value-Added Agriculture Development Center, Inc., South Dakota

University of Texas Pan-America, Texas

Virginia Foundation for Agriculture, Innovation and Rural Sustainability, Virginia

Cooperative Development Foundation, Virginia

Northwest Development Cooperative Center, Washington

Northwest Agriculture Business Center, Washington

Cooperative Development Services, Inc., Wisconsin

Cooperative Network, Wisconsin