Labeling Issues


food labelGeneral Labeling Considerations

  • Commercial Item Descriptions, Ag Marketing Service (AMS), USDA - This site contains descriptions used to determine food products.
  • COOL Grocery Labeling, AMS, USDA, YouTube, 2010.
  • Establishment Labeling Responsibilities, FSIS, USDA - Meat, poultry and egg product establishments are responsible for accurately labeling their product for human consumption. All labels must be approved by FSIS.
  • Food Labeling, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), 2011 - FDA's efforts to identify false or potentially misleading qualified health claims on foods "are hampered by the lack of access to the evidence that a company relies on to make such a claim," according to a report from the GAO. While FDA may ask a company to provide scientific evidence to support such a claim, it does not have the legal authority to compel the company to do so.
  • Food Labeling Guide, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - FDA has set minimum type sizes of  6 and 8 points for various label copy. There are minimum spacing requirements between lines of copy.
  • Food Labeling Policies, FSIS, USDA.
  • Food Labeling Procedures, FSIS, USDA.

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