AgMRC Renewable Energy Report Offers Valuable Info For Farmers

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

Audio with Sampath Jayasinghe (sam-path jay-ah-sing), Senior Research Analyst, Decision Innovation Solutions

Suggested lead: The Renewable Energy Report by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center offers farmers a look at valuable insights to their operation. The report, which is available on the AgMRC website, covers biofuels and other renewable energy sources. Sampath Jayasinghe, a senior research analyst for Decision Innovations which helps write the monthly report, explains what you can find in the report…tape

Cut #1        :34    OC:…”economic theory.”    REPORT

Jayasinghe, an author of the letter, says topics this month include a historical analysis of U.S. biodiesel production, ethanol production and exports, along with a monthly feature story and price information…tape

Cut #2        :37    OC:…”if this report.”        TOPICS

He says the information in the report is valuable to farmers…tape

Cut #3        :15    OC:…”long run.”        INFO

Find the report each month on the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center website, www dot AgMRC dot org (