Challenging Growing Season Means Challenges Come Harvest

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.
Audio with Connie Hardy, Program Specialist with the Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture Program.


Suggested Lead: It’s nearly an understatement to say it’s been a difficult year for the nation’s farmers. Growers in different parts of the country have faced a variety of weather challenges ranging from too hot to too cool and too wet to too dry. That’s raising some concern about the fall harvest.


For the grain crops - Connie Hardy - Program Specialist with the Iowa State University Extension Value Added Agriculture Program - says this makes storage parameters and scouting very important…tape


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Hardy says some mold can create toxins and others cause spoilage that can leave kernels more susceptible to further mold damage…tape


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If a grower discovers a problem - Hardy suggests they contact their crop insurance adjuster. She says that person can take a look and determine the proper sampling procedure to estimate the amount of crop damage. Growers should take this action now - before the crop is out of the field. Once it’s out of the field and in storage - Hardy says additional mold damage can form - leading to other problems.


On that issue of storage - Hardy notes FDA has authority to inspect grain handling facilities under the new food safety legislation. She says on-farm grain storage bins are considered part of the supply chain and therefore could be subject to inspection. As such - she says guidelines for bin-cleaning and monitoring of stored grains will become more important to growers in regard to food safety - even for those storing grain that goes into ethanol…tape


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Hardy says the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is a great resource for growers as they prepare to harvest and store their grain. She says they provide a variety of links to important tips and information that every grower should know…tape


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The information can be found at www dot agmrc dot org (


For more detailed information and specific questions - Hardy says there are several individuals growers could contact. At Iowa State - Charles Hurburgh for corn and soybean harvest and storage; Alison Robertson for crop diseases and mycotoxin production; and Connie Hardy for grain quality, food and feed safety and processing. At Kansas State - Leland McKinney for wheat harvest, storage and processing. Visit www dot iastate dot edu ( or www dot k dash state dot edu ( for their contact information.