Complete Resource Available to Those Applying for Value Added Producer Grants

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Ag Marketing Resource Center.

Audio with Ray Hansen, Ag Marketing Resource Center Director.

Suggested Lead: USDA is now accepting applications for the Value-Added Producer Grant Program. Independent producers, farmer and rancher cooperatives and agricultural producer groups can receive economic assistance through the program.

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Director Ray Hansen encourages interested parties to look through all the different types of grants available. He says there are different types they can choose to apply for…tape

Cut #1       :25            O.C…”socially disadvantaged farmers.”

Hansen says USDA is looking for projects that generate a new value-added product, create or expand an existing market or opportunity, or increase producer income and productivity…tape

Cut #2       :23             O.C…”in rural America.”

Which Deputy Ag Secretary Kathleen Merrigan points out will create jobs and keep wealth in rural communities.

According to Hansen - the Ag Marketing Resource Center - available online at AGMRC dot org - is a one stop resource library for everything related to value-added agriculture. He says there is special emphasis placed on thisValue-Added Producer Grant Program…tape

Cut #3       :37              O.C…”market information.”

Any producer, cooperative or group with an interest in applying for these grants needs to take action immediately. Hansen notes the application deadline is August 29th and will come quickly…tape

Cut #4       :20              O.C…”as well.”

For all of the information on the grant program and more - visit www dot AGMRC dot org (