Consumers Demanding, Producers Supplying Agritourism

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center at Iowa State University.

Audio with Marsha Laux (like loud, but loux), Value Added Agriculture Program Coordinator with the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Suggested Lead: Consumers and farmers alike are taking a bigger interest in agritourism these days.

Marsha Laux at the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center at Iowa State University says consumers are looking for rural destinations, nature tourism and agritourism - and farmers are interested in expanding their business to include an agritourism enterprise…tape

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Laux says the economy has likely played some role in the increased interest in agritourism for farmers. For consumers - she says the industry is filling a void…tape

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It also - according to Laux - helps consumers put a face to their food.She says it’s no secret that’s been growing in importance in recent years.

Laux says the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center provides guides and tools at agmrc dot org for those producers looking to supply this demand with the addition of an agritourism enterprise to their existing operation…tape

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Laux notes agritourism takes many different forms - including pumpkin patches, corn mazes, fee for hunting operations, farm and ranch stays,farmer’s markets, wineries and more.

Again - for more information check out www dot agmrc dot org ( Just click on the markets and industries link and look for tourism.