Curriculum Available on Value Added Agriculture for Ag Teachers

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Ag Marketing Resource Center

Audio with Illinois ag teacher John Rasty

Suggested lead: The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center put together a curriculum to educate students on value-added agriculture.  Just a few of the topics covered include business development, commodities and products, aquaculture, biomass, and much more.  John Rasty is an Ag Teacher at Sherred High School in Illinois.  He was one of a group of graduate students at Iowa State University that put the curriculum together. 

Rasty said the curriculum is based on value-added agriculture and takes students through many different topics…tape

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The curriculum is generalized in order to not focus on any particular region of the country.  It’s designed for ag teachers or any teachers who are working on a particular ag subject.  He talked about how he uses the curriculum in his own classroom…tape

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Designing the curriculum was a very important job as it filled a definite need, especially for new teachers…tape

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Rasty hopes the curriculum helps new and veteran teachers all across the country…tape

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