Employment Opportunities Now Available on MarketMaker

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Audio with Craig Tordsen, Iowa State University Extension Value Added Ag Program Manager.

Suggested Lead: Market Maker - an online marketing resource giving businesses greater access to markets - now has a new feature. Iowa State University Extension and Outreach collaborated with Iowa Workforce Development and the University of Illinois Market Maker Program to develop the new feature Employment Opportunities. Iowa State University Extension Value Added Ag Program Manager Craig Tordsen says this new feature helps registered producers find employees…tape

Cut #1        :14            O.C…”available worldwide.”

The original goal for this new feature was to help migrant and seasonal workers find jobs with farmers on Market Maker - listing about five job descriptions. But Tordsen says it soon developed into a bigger goal of helping with employment needs of all businesses. There currently are 54 job descriptions listed that businesses can choose from to post an employment opportunity - and Tordsen expects even more job descriptions to be added over time.

There is no cost to join or use Market Maker. The District of Columbia and 19 states are involved in the program - and Tordsen says each state pays a fee to be part of the program. Extension services, agriculture departments and other sponsors contribute to help those states pay that fee…tape

Cut #2        :24            O.C…”rural America.”

Tordsen says producers can easily search the Market Maker database to find target markets for their products…tape

Cut #3        :38            O.C…”our website.”

Anyone can use the Market Maker tool. The website receives 1.3-million hits from 99-thousand users every month. To access Market Maker - visit www dot Ag MRC dot org (www.AgMRC.org) and click the Food Industry MarketMaker tab.