Farm Programs for Verterans Abundant

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Audio with Dan Burden, Iowa State University Extension Program Specialist and Jathan Chicoine (sha-QUINN), Iowa State Veterans Services Coordinator

Veterans now have many opportunities to break into farming and ranching. As veterans integrate back into a civilian lifestyle, agriculture can be a natural fit. Jathan Chicoine, Iowa State University Veterans Services Coordinator, and Former Navy SEAL, says there is a remarkable connection between veterans and agriculture.

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Cut #1                   :36          OC:…”agriculture and farming.”                

Chicoine says many veterans reintegrate into a civilian context within higher education institutions…tape

Cut #2                   :33          OC:…”available to them.”            
He says there are many opportunities for veterans to become farmers and ranchers…tape

Cut #3                   :44          OC:…”entering agriculture.”                       

Dan Burden, a program specialist with the University of Iowa Extension, offers some advice for veterans on where to find more information on farm programs for veterans…tape

Cut #4                   :22          OC:…”out there.”                                            

Burden says the first place to start is online…tape

Cut #5                   :22          OC:…”for the tree’s.”                                    

Burden says any University Extension office or USDA office are also good places to find more information on farm programs for veterans.

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