Micro FSA Loans Available for Value Added Agriculture

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center

Audio with Marsha Laux(lou-x), Program Coordinator, Iowa State University Extension Value Added Program

Suggested lead: The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center is reminding producers the Farm Service Agency offers micro loans for added-value agriculture. Marsha Laux, program coordinator at the Iowa State University Extension Value Added Program, home of the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, says the micro loans that FSA offers provide loan opportunities for smaller operations, like specialty crop producers…tape

Cut #1        :22    OC:…”provide or them.”        LOANS

She describes value-added agriculture as looking at a new market or marketing practices that provides added value to the farm…tape

Cut #2        :22    OC:…”added agriculture.”        VALUE

The FSA micro loans provide a cap of up to $50,000. She explains what the loans can provide to added-value agriculture…tape

Cut #3        :27    OC:…”kind of thing.”            DETAILS

She says you can learn more about the loans and find what other programs are available by contacting your local FSA office…tape

Cut #4        :31    OC:…”type producers.”            INFO

To learn more about added value agriculture, visit AgMRC dot org. (www.agmrc.org).