National Value-added Agriculture Conference Planned for July

The 18th annual National Value Added Conference gives farmers an opportunity to learn more about value-added agriculture. The traveling conference themed “Agriculture, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship: Developing Thriving Rural Communities” stops in Madison, Wisconsin, this July.

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Wisconsin Department of Agriculture’s Theresa Feiner says the conference provides an opportunity to learn more about value-added agriculture…tape

Cut #1                   :34          OC:…”value added component.”                             

She says Wisconsin is a great place to showcase value-added agriculture as attendees can tour sausage, cheese and wine and beer operations…tape

Cut #2                   :28          OC:…”in Wisconsin.”                      

She explains why farmers should attend the conference…tape

Cut #3                                   :19          OC:...”absorb risk.”        


The conference runs July 21st through the 22nd. Learn more and find registration information online at AGMRC dot org (