New App Connects Consumers, Farmers Markets

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center
Audio with Darlene Knipe, Program Director, National Food Market Maker Program

Suggested lead: A new smartphone app connects consumers with locally grown foods and farmers markets. The What’s In Season App, created by the National Food Market Maker program in conjunction with the Farmers Market Association and the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, allows consumers to see what local products are available in their area at farmers markets throughout the growing season. Darlene Knipe, Program Director at the National Food Market Maker Program, explains how the app works…tape

Cut #1        :26    OC:…”can be purchased.”        APP

She says the app serves a need for consumers and farmers…tape

Cut #2        :22    OC:…”local growers.”            NEED

For example, in her local area, she outlines what information the app will provide to consumers…tape

Cut #3        :33    OC:…”other locations.”            EXAMPLE

The app is available now. Knipe explains how consumers can find the app and how producers can get listed in the app as well…tape

Cut #4        :26    OC:…”is included.”            USE

Market Maker, which created the app, started as an online directory of farmers and food suppliers to give consumers a one-stop-shop to find local foods and develop markets for producers…tape

Cut #5        :33    OC:…”to people.”            WORK

Find the app online at