Renewable Fuels Report Highlights Renewable Energy

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Ag Resource Marketing Center

Audio with Spence Sparkinson, Executive Director of Decision Innovation Solutions

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Suggested lead: The Ag Marketing Resource Center is partnering with Decision Innovation Solutions on the Rnewable Fuels monthly report. Decision Innovation Solutions, an economic research and analysis firm in Urbandale, Iowa, is providing information for the monthy newsletter.

Spence Sparkinson is the Executive Director of Decision Innovation Solutions.  He explains the monthly Renewable Fuels report…tape

Cut 1        :37        OC…”as well”

He explains what his company does for agriculture…tape

Cut 2        :39        OC…”affect it”

Since taking over, he says Decision Innovation has covered quite a bit of ground in earlier reports…tape

Cut 3        :49        OC…”few days”

In talking the climate change, he says the remove the political rhetoric from the national discussion and focus on the facts…tape

Cut 4        :44        OC…”take place”

You can find the monthly Renewable Fuels report at