Sampling Enhances Farmers Market Experience for Consumers, Farmers

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Audio with Linda Naeve, Iowa State University Extension Specialist.

Suggested Lead: University of Kentucky researchers surveyed farmers market visitors and vendors on sampling in their 2011 Regional Farmers Market Survey. Iowa State University Extension Specialist Linda Naeve says the survey found sampling had an immediate purchasing impact on sales…tape

Cut #1               :23                                O.C…”fits here.”

Naeve has some suggestions for consumers and farmers to enhance their farmers market experience…tape

Cut #2               :38                                O.C…”enhance sales.”

By sampling their products - Naeve says farmers have an opportunity to interact with their customers…tape

Cut #3               :20                                O.C…”particular variety.”

If farmers provide samples of their products - Naeve says it’s important to keep food safety in mind. She says all products intended for sampling should be washed and not left out for more than an hour if cut and not consumed yet…tape

Cut #4               :36                                O.C…”as possible.”

Naeve says farmers may even want to cover their product to keep insects away. For more information on local foods or to find a farmers market near you, visit