Time to Get a Jump on Applying for Value Added Producer Grants

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Ag Marketing Resource Center.

Audio with Ray Hansen, Ag Marketing Resource Center Director.

Suggested Lead: The Value Added Producer Grant program gives potential value-added ag products a chance and helps create market opportunities. The program is funded by USDA Rural Development.

Agricultural Marketing Resource Center Director Ray Hansen explains that the program is broken down into two specific categories…tape

Cut #1     :26           O.C…”improve a market.”

Hansen says it appears the Notice of Funds Availability - or NOFA - could be released soon. He notes the interim rule changes have been released and there are some indications the NOFA could follow by the end of the month. But given that the grant writing process is a substantial undertaking - if a producer is thinking about applying - he suggests preparing ahead of time to help streamline the process. According to Hansen - producers can never start too early…tape

Cut #2     :44           O.C…”in that window.”

The Agricultural Marketing Resource Center works closely with this program - and has a great deal of information and resources for interested producers. Hansen says it’s all designed to add some clarity to the process and help individuals write a better grant…tape

Cut #3     :25            O.C…”for the grant.”

That website is available at www dot agmrc dot org (www.agmrc.org). Producers will find all of the information they need to get started right there on the home page.