Value-Added Grant Helps Iowa Creamery Expand

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, Ames, Iowa

Audio with Jordan Hansen, Marketing Manager at Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy, Hudson, Iowa

Hansen’s Farm Fresh Dairy of Hudson, Iowa, has truly mastered the farm-to-table operation that many producers are looking to establish. The family-owned dairy produces multiple products and sells them directly to consumers. Jordan Hansen, Marketing Manager, says her husband, Blake Hansen, and the rest of his family made the decision to add value to their operation….tape

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They sell most of their products to other businesses that could use dairy products. The Hansen’s clientele includes restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, as well as day cares and retirement homes. It’s taken a lot of hard work to get the business going. Hansen says the family has exceeded their expectations as far as how successful it’s become…tape

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In the early days of the family business, the Hansen family used a value-added producer grant to open their first storefront. The family then used a value-added producer grant to help their business grow after it had already been established. They wanted to sell their ice cream in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, but needed some financial help to improve their packaging…tape

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Hansen says it’s very rewarding to be able to market their own products to the public. She says other producers looking to add value should do their homework in getting things started…tape

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