Value-Added Grant Helps Missouri Farm Focus on Quality Products

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Ag Marketing Resource Center.

Audio with Sarah Hoffmann, co-owner of Green Dirt Farm in Weston, Missouri.

The Green Dirt Farm of Weston, Missouri, is all about quality products and caring for animals. Sarah Hoffmann of Green Dirt Farm talks about the products they produce and sell to the public.

Cut #1              :12                   OC…”sheep’s milk”

Hoffmann first had the idea to make cheese in 2002. After working through a learning curve when it came to making cheese, things finally got off the ground and moving in 2008. Value-added producer grants really helped Hoffmann get her business idea going.

Cut #2              :30                   OC…”and packaging”

Hoffmann says the business is on the right track to self-sustainability and it’s been challenging to bring the idea this far. They’re selling product to other businesses as well as individual consumers.

Cut #3              :29                   OC…”unique place” 

Green Dirt Farm also sells its cheese online too. They also sell product wholesale to restaurant customers in the Kansas City area. They’re sales territory stretches from Nebraska all the way south through Arkansas. As if that’s not enough, they also have national distributors on each coast.

Hoffmann talks about her advice for producers who are thinking of adding value to their own businesses.

Cut #4              :33                   OC…”for it”

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