Value-Added Grant Jumpstarts a Minnesota Creamery

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agriculture Marketing Resource Center, Ames, Iowa

Audio with Alise Sjostrum, Owner, Redhead Creamery, Brooten, Minnesota

Alise Sjostrum  was born and raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota. While she loved the industry, Alise knew she didn’t want to milk cows for the rest of her life. Alise began looking into adding a creamery to the family farm after learning a lot about the cheese industry. After returning to her hometown, Redhead Creamery began to take shape in 2013…tape

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It took a long time and a lot of effort to get the value-added business going, but Sjostrom says the business means a lot of everyone in the family…tape

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Given the low dairy prices troubling the industry, the Sjostroms are grateful to have another business to fall back on.

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Sjostrom has some advice for other producers who are thinking about how to add value to their businesses.

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Alise Sjostrom, owner of the Redhead Creamery in Minnesota. For more information on value-added producer grants, go to For more information on value-added agriculture, check out