Value-Added Producer Grants Benefit Smaller Producers in Big Ways

Audio provided as a service to farm broadcasters by the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center.

Audio with Michael Bolnd, University of Minnesota Food Industry Center Director.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced last month nearly 30-million dollars of funding available through the Value-Added Producer Grant program. Michael Boland - Director of the Food Industry Center at the University of Minnesota - says these grants are designed to help independent producers - or a group of producers - invest in a value-added activity…tape 

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Boland says this is one of the few government programs that allow producers to apply for funds that would otherwise not be available…tape

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There are a variety of ways value-added producer grants can be utilized…tape

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Applications for this year’s funding are due by July 7th via mail and July 2nd via Grants dot gov (

To learn more about the Value-Added Producer Grant program - visit A-G-M-R-C dot org (