U.S. Could Create 4.5 Million Jobs in Renewable Energy

Posted on 12/03/2009 at 12:00 AM by Diane Huntrods

The United States could net 4.5 million new jobs in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors by 2030 if it addresses climate change, according to a report prepared for the American Solar Energy Society.

Aggressive deployment of renewable energy and efficiency could displace the emission of 1200 million tons of annual carbon emissions by 2030 if the country were to make a serious commitment to reversing climate change, concludes ‘Estimating the Jobs Impact of Tackling Climate Change’ prepared by Management Information Services for ASES. Of the carbon reductions, 43% would come from renewable energy and 57% from efficiency.

Professions that would gain the most jobs include farming, construction, professional services, trucking and metal fabrication, with job benefits spread across the country. The largest numbers of renewable energy jobs would be in solar electric (PV and CSP), biomass power and biofuels, and many of the these jobs could not easily be outsourced due to the on-site nature required.

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